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Hayward SP1022C 1 1/2in. Drain Plug with O-Ring

Hayward 1 1/2" MPT (male pipe thread) Winter Plug with o-ring


Sku: SP1022C

Hayward 1 1/2" Drain Plug with O-Ring - SP1022C


This all-purpose Hayward plug is most typically used for winterizing. It is also used in a variety of applications in the pool and spa industry. This is a standard size threaded plug with o-ring for most in-ground and aboveground return lines. To protect pool return lines from the danger of cracking due to expansion from freezing if water gets in the lines after winter shut-down, the line should be plugged. This plug is put in place of the directional eyeball fitting. This fitting threads into a white faceplate that secures the liner to the pool wall. During the winterizing process in the Fall (before the first hard freeze!) unthread the entire directional fitting from the faceplate and winterize accordingly.

In-ground pools typically will have the water blown out of the lines with a blower. The water is blown from the filter and/or pump back through the return line. This is done until no water is present. Once the air has forced the water back into the pool install the threaded SP1022C plug. This will prevent backflow of water back into the line. For above ground pools,plug the return fitting to eliminate water loss after the pool cover is installed. Winter covers on above ground pools can cause water loss due to snow and rain collecting on top of the cover. The weight pushes the cover down, and forces the water inside, up and often out! If this happens you could lose up to a foot of water or more before Spring. This could also shorten the life of your pool cover. The plug is a cheap easy solution!