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Natural Chemistry 7405 Foundation 5 lb.

Natural Chemistry Foundation


Sku: NC07405

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Available in 5 lb and 16.5 lb sizes. Foundation is the best product for all fresh fills and start ups and should be followed with the maintenance program 07404. For salt pools, salt may be added before or after adding Foundation. Balance your water and use the Foundation (Foundation should be added to a pH level of 7.0-7.2). Foundation is an easy to use, multi-mineral product is for use with all types of pool sanitation systems.


Natural Chemistry's FOUNDATION contains revolutionary technology. Although it was specifically formulated for pools sanitizing with salt system chlorine generators, it works just as well for pools using sanitation systems with chlorine feeders.

Foundation is a combination of all-natural enzymes, borate technology, metal deactivator and phosphate remover. It polishes your pool water for eye-catching appeal and provides softer feeling water.

For pools that sanitize using chlorine feeders, Foundation provides the same benefits and enhancement for the water environment of your pool as well as for your sanitation system itself. Your water will have a more silky feel as in salt water pools, and will sparkle with clarity.

For pools utilizing salt systems to generate chlorine, this easy to use, multi-mineral product gets you started on the best program for salt pools - guaranteed! By providing the perfect pool water environment continually, your generator works far more efficiently. The result is longer generator life and the highest water quality possible!

For salt water systems the only function a salt/chlorine generator provides is to create or generate chlorine. The Salt Water Magic Program addresses the other important needs to maintain proper water chemistry and support the efficient operation of your generator.

  • Creates carribean blue look to water
  • Provides soft, salt water feeling water
  • Prolongs lifespan of filters and generators
  • Compatible with all sanitizers and pool surfaces

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