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Pentair FNS Plus-36 DE Filter W/out Valve

Pentair FNS Plus-36 DE Filter W/out Valve


Sku: 180007

Fibergalss Reinforced Polypropylene Material, Vertical Grid, D.E.

Pentair FNS Plus D.E filters are fiberglass reinforced polypropylene of advanced chemcial resistant materials for superiour strength and reliability. The top manifold design features the Service-Ease grid pack for convenient one-at-a-time grid servicing.
Superior remove microscopic contaminants that are so small, they are individually undetected by the human eye, so your water achieves the glass-like clarity only D.E. can deliver. FNS filters have a refined hydraulic designed filter that minimizes flow restrictions so the least amount of pumping power produces the optimum flow rates, for lower utility costs.

Pentair DE Multi Port Valve

Pentair DE Multi Port Valve 1 1/2"