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BAQUACIL Algicide 32 oz BAQUACIL Backwash Filter Cleaner 32 oz BAQUACIL Calcium Hardness Increaser 3.5 lbs BAQUACIL CDX 1/2 gallon SOLD BY THE CASE 4 qty
BAQUACIL Flocculant 1.5 lbs BAQUACIL Line Clean formerly Water Clarifier 4lbs BAQUACIL Liquid Flocculant 32 oz BAQUACIL Metal Control 1.25 lbs
Baquacil Oxidizer 1 gallon SOLD BY THE CASE 4 qty BAQUACIL Performance Algicide 32 oz BAQUACIL pH Decreaser 6 lbs BAQUACIL pH Increaser 4lbs
BAQUACIL POOL 4-Way Test Strips 25 count BAQUACIL Sanitizer and Algistat 1/2 gallon SOLD BY THE CASE 4 qty BAQUACIL Surface Cleaner 16 oz Baquacil Universal Filter Cleaner 1/2 gallon

With premium Baquacil pool care products, you can finally achieve the kind of clarity your pool was designed for in the first place. After all, Baquacil brand does away with tedious pool care by enabling you to convert your pool into a chlorine-free, carefree sanctuary in less than 24 hours. The result? Clear, beautiful water that's gentle on eyes, hair and skin, not to mention pool surfaces and swimsuits.