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Additional above ground pool resources and pool FAQ

The following links can be valuable if you are considering purchasing an above ground swimming pool.

How to level an above ground pool

First, mark the area which your pool will cover and remove all vegetation, rocks, and other debris from the area. Construct a wooden level with a plank slightly longer than your pool’s diameter so that the plank can easily pivot around the pool area. Then, find the lowest point of ground in the area and bring the rest of the pool’s area to that level. Cover the leveled area with weed killer and either sand or limestone to prepare for the pool’s installation.

Can you add a slide to an above ground pool?

For a bit of extra fun, you can add a slide to your above ground pool. Make sure to select a slide that specifically states that it is for use in above ground pools, and follow installation instructions exactly for safety reasons.

Can you get an above ground pool with a deep end?

Having a deep end in your above ground pool is a decision you must make before the pool installation process. When digging the foundation, simply dig slightly deeper on one end and form a ledge and slope to the deeper end. You can also dig your pool’s foundation so that the center of a round pool is deeper than the outer edges.

What is the cost to install an above ground pool?

Two costs go into the overall price of an above ground pool: the price of the pool kit and the installation cost. Installation depends on the size and type of pool, but typically an above ground pool can be installed by a four person crew in about 12 hours. Depending on your area and the pool you’ve chosen, the cost of installation can run anywhere from $1000 to $3000.