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Spa Up 2# Spa Down 2.5# Alkalinity Increaser 2# Calcium Booster LT 16oz
Leisure Time Spa Up is an effective granular formula that steadily boosts your spas pH and alkalinity to safe levels, which prevents corrosion damage to plumbing, equipment, and spa surfaces. Leisure Time Spa Down allows spa owners to lower their pH and alkalinity safely to prevent the formation of scale and cloudy water. Leisure Time Alkalinity Increaser steadily boosts your spas alkalinity level into a safe range, avoiding damage to your spas plumbing, equipment, and surfaces. Leisure Time Calcium Booster raises your spas hardness level to prevent corrosion damage to equipment, plumbing and surfaces
Spa Down Liquid 32oz Spa Up Liquid 32oz Spa Solutions Ph Hold 1qt Spa Solutions Ph Minus 1.5 lbs
Leisure Time Liquid Spa Down drops your spas pH level down to prevent scale buildup and cloudy water Leisure Time Spa Up Liquid 32oz pH Hold helps regulate the pH so that adjustments have to be made less frequently. Spa pH adjusters can still be used with this product, but are not usually necessary. Spa Solutions 1.5# pH Decreaser, Granular product adjusts water pH and alkalinity down.
Spa Solutions Ph Minus 3 lbs Spa Solutions Ph Plus 1lbs Spa Solutions Ph Plus 2lbs Spa Solutions Alkalinity Booster 1lbs
Spa Solutions Ph Minus 3 lbs Spa Solutions Ph Plus Spa Solutions Ph Plus 2lbs Spa Solutions Total Alkalinity Increaser. Critical to pH control, this granular formula effectively raises alkalinity levels which might otherwise cause equipment corrosion.
Spa Solutions Alkalinity Booster 2lbs spa solutions calcium booster 1lbs
Spa Solutions Alkalinity Booster 2lbs Spa Solutions Calcium Increaser. Raises water hardness level while preventing foaming and equipment corrosion.

These specialty formulated chemicals were created specifically for use in hot tubs and spas. These specialty chemicals will help maintain balanced water in your bot tub, including pH, bromine or chlorine levels and more. Check here to solve specific spa water problems, such as foamy water.