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Leisure Time Cleanse is specifically designed to eliminate scum buildup above the waterline on your spa, restoring its good looks.  Its thick formula clings to spa surfaces to ensure easy cleaning. Leisure Time Boost Leisure Time Free is an effective alternative to chlorine and bromine systems, providing all the benefits with none of the side-effects Leisure Time Control is a powerful dual action cleaner that removes ugly waterline film, along with preventing the formation of stains and scale to keep your spa in like-new condition.
Chlorine / Bromine Free

Probably one of the biggest complaints from swimmers and spa users is in regards to the effects of chlorine. Stinging eyes and smelly or dry hair and skin are just a few of the effects of swimming in chlorine-treated pools and spas. As a result, many spa owners prefer to use non chlorine hot tub and spa chemicals. In addition chlorine and bromine free spa and hot tub chemicals can be a better option for hot tubs because chlorine becomes less stable and can therefore be less effective at higher temperatures.