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Pro Series Pools
Swimtown Pools does not sell, manufacture, repair or support Pro Series Pools (usually sold at Walmart and Kmart.)

For some reason, many websites have our phone number listed as the warranty and support for Pro Series Pools. We have never sold or even used a Pro Series Pool. Swimtown Pools believes in high quality pools. We get calls daily with complaints about the quality of Pro Series Pools. Nothing is worse than having a broken pool or pool pump on a hot summers day. We feel for you if you are having issues with the pool, but cannot help beyond that.

If you have questions regarding pool chemicals, or one of our pools or pool part replacements, we are happy to help. A swimming pool is a large investment no matter what. Take the time to look at all your options, and make sure to ask questions and inspect the pool of choice to make sure it is the one for you. Swimming pools can bring joy, fitness, family togetherness and all around relaxation and coolness, you deserve a quality pool that fits your backyard.

We do not know the phone number to Pro Series Pools. We suggest going back to Walmart or Kmart and asking for a manager to get your issue resolved. Poor customer service is no excuse for a pool that is in warranty but is damaged.

If you are looking to upgrade from a Pro Series Pool to a high quality pool we have many options. Are favorite pools are inground pools, sturdy above ground pools and fiberglass pools. We also provide professional installation and support. Again, consider all your options when looking at a pool for your home and family.

Swimtown Pools is a family run online pool supply business with no affiliation with Pro Series Pools, Walmart or Kmart.
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