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Federal Tax Credits may be available for the purchase of pool lifts.

The IRS has dictated that businesses may be eligible for tax incentives to offset the cost of making structural improvements for user accessibility. Pool lifts are included within these structural improvements. According to IRS form 8826, businesses with no more than 30 full time employees and had gross receipts under $1 million are eligible. Those businesses that are eligible may deduct a credit up to $5,000 against the cost of the pool lift as a part of the Disabled Access Credit.

Here is a link to the IRS Tax Form 8826. There is also a tax deduction option available to businesses. This deduction pertains to the removal of barriers in association of a trade or business that complies with accessibility standards. This removal of barriers may pertain to the installation of pool lifts in order to comply to ADA accessibility standards. The amount may be up to $15,000 as an expense instead of a capital expenditure and incur depreciation. Additionally, some states have have credits and deductions available, which vary state to state. Check with your state's treasury office for more information.

Please consult with a professional accountant on these matters to see if your business qualifies as you look to install your pool lift.