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Bromine vs. Chlorine Pool Chemistry Differences

When it comes to sanitizers, the first terms many pool owners think of are bromine tablets and chlorine tablets. While some people think bromine is strictly for spas, it is also popular with a percentage of pool owners as well.

chlorine tabletsThat said, we'll tell you straight away that we sell more chlorine than bromine, mainly due to it being less expensive and its ability to dissolve much more quickly than bromine.

The most popular forms we sell are 3" chlorine tablets, followed by 1" tablets and some folks who prefer it in granular or liquid form.

At its basic level, chlorine disinfects your pool, and it can be added in a variety of ways depending on the form of chlorine you have. Tablets are most often added to pools in dispensers (either floating or attached feeders).

bromine tabletsBromine, as stated earlier dissolves much more slowly and is only available in 1" tablets. The method of adding bromine is also limited, as floating dispensers cannot be used, nor can you add it via the skimmer basket. You'll need a bromine feeder as they need consistent water flowing over the tablets for them to dissolve.

So bromine dissolves more slowly and requires a bit more specialty in application AND it's more expensive. So why would anyone use it? Because it doesn't break down easily in sunlight. Most pool owners who use chlorine are required to use stabilizer to slow the breakdown of chlorine (particularly in pools that receive little to no shade), whereas bromine breaks down slowly enough to not need an additional stabilizer. Furthermore, chlorine produces chloramine as it works (what produces the chlorine odor we're all familiar with) and bromine produces bromamines - which disinfect the water without odor or burning the eyes. 

For these reasons many pool owners with children, or sensitive skin and/or eyes choose to go with bromine.

If you have questions as to whether you should choose bromine or chlorine for your pool, feel free to give us a call or contact us via online chat.