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Diatomaceous Earth 25# Bag
Diatomaceous Earth Filter Media 25 lb bag


Sku: DE25

Of the many different materials that might be used as filter aids, diatomite has been most successful and most widely used in industrial filtration.
Diatomaceous earth, has been used as a filter aid for nearly a century. The raw ore, known as diatomite, is a soft, friable siliceous mineral. It is composed of the silica remains of microscopic aquatic plants deposited on the bottoms of the oceans and lakes after and during the Miocene Age, from 100,000 to 15,000,000 years ago. Living diatoms formed complex and porous silica support structures, which remain on the bottoms of oceans and lakes long after the carbon-based biological compounds have deteriorated. Under the microscope, the particles of diatomite can be seen in a variety of forms: generally symmetrical structures resembling discs, rods, cylinders, or snowflakes. It is these complex porous shapes that make diatomite an excellent material for filter aids.
Celatom diatomaceous earth filter aids offer outstanding performance from the finest to the coarsest grades. These materials meet all the requirements for good filter aids, able to meet exacting clarity and flow-rate demands of many industrial filtration applications. Even more important, the user can depend on consistency and uniformity load after load

DE Scoop Diatomaceous Earth Filter Media 25Lb Box


DE Scoop Diatomaceous Earth Filter Media 25 lb box