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Leisure Time has dedicated itself to continually improving its spa products for more than 25 years. Leisure Time products are known for their innovative products and that's why they've become the premiere name in spa water care. Swimtown Pools proudly carries Leisure Time products, and offers the lowest prices on Leisure Time found anywhere on the web.

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Foam Down 16oz Brominating Tablets 1.5# Spa Up 2# Spa Down 2.5#
Leisure Time Foam Down 16oz Leisure Time Brominating Tablets for Spas and Hot Tubs 1.5 lbs Leisure Time Spa Up is an effective granular formula that steadily boosts your spas pH and alkalinity to safe levels, which prevents corrosion damage to plumbing, equipment, and spa surfaces. Leisure Time Spa Down allows spa owners to lower their pH and alkalinity safely to prevent the formation of scale and cloudy water.
Bright & Clear 32oz Defender 32oz Metal Gone 16oz Enzyme 32oz
Leisure Time Bright and Clear is a potent clarifier that is designed to work in hot water, removing soap, dirt, and other debris that can cause cloudy water and odors, leaving sparkling water. Leisure Time Defender is designed to prevent scale formation in hot tubs and spa, while helping to rid your spa of existing scale.  If untreated, scale can cause equipment failure and filter clogging. Leisure Time Metal Gone is an easy, effective metal controller that eliminates iron, manganese, and copper in your spa water to prevent the formation of ugly stains and water discoloration Leisure Time Enzyme 32oz
Renew Shock 2# Foam Down 32oz Bromine Test Strips 50 Count Bottle Citrabright 16oz
Leisure Time Renew is a non-chlorine shock treatment that removes soaps, oils, lotions, and any other organic contaminants from your spa water.  It also reacts with bromine to sanitize your spa water. Leisure Time Foam Down is a concentrated anti-foam treatment formulated to remove annoying foam buildup in spa water Leisure Time Bromine Test Strips  50 Count Bottle Leisure Time Citrabright is a convenient spray cleaner that harnesses the natural cleaning power of citrus to cut through practically any grease or grime buildup on spas, pools, and patio furniture.
Cleanse 16oz Cover Care & Conditioner 16oz Fast Gloss 16oz Instant Cartridge Cleaner 16oz

Leisure Time Cleanse is specifically designed to eliminate scum buildup above the waterline on your spa, restoring its good looks.  Its thick formula clings to spa surfaces to ensure easy cleaning. Leisure Time Cover Car & Conditioner cleans, restores, and protects spa cover from weather, fading, and discoloration from UV exposure.  Its formula repels dirt, water, and dust to ensure long life. Leisure Time Fast Gloss is a great way to polish your spa to a brilliant sheen while also protecting it against sunlight, temperature changes, and chemicals.  Its formula is reactive silicon-based. Leisure Time Instant Cartridge Cleaner is a convenient way to quickly clean your cartridge filters without having to soak overnight.  Its formula removes contaminants to restore filter efficiency.
Jet Clean 16oz Alkalinity Increaser 2# Calcium Booster LT 16oz Spa Down Liquid 32oz
Leisure Time Jet Clean is a unique product that cleans your spas critical plumbing of dirt, oil, and other debris.  It ensures spa jets and pipers are clear of any obstructions that could limit flow. Leisure Time Alkalinity Increaser steadily boosts your spas alkalinity level into a safe range, avoiding damage to your spas plumbing, equipment, and surfaces. Leisure Time Calcium Booster raises your spas hardness level to prevent corrosion damage to equipment, plumbing and surfaces Leisure Time Liquid Spa Down drops your spas pH level down to prevent scale buildup and cloudy water
Spa Up Liquid 32oz Boost 32oz Free 16oz Chlorinating Granules 2#


Leisure Time Spa Up Liquid 32oz Leisure Time Boost Leisure Time Free is an effective alternative to chlorine and bromine systems, providing all the benefits with none of the side-effects Leisure Time Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules effectively sanitizes and disinfects your spa water to protect its health and comfort.
Reserve 32oz Control 32oz Filter Clean 16oz Spa Test Strips - 50 Count Bottle
Leisure Time Reserve is an important step in converting your chlorine-based pool to bromine, and is meant to be paired with Renew.  Its formula will make bromine conversion easy and worry-free. Leisure Time Control is a powerful dual action cleaner that removes ugly waterline film, along with preventing the formation of stains and scale to keep your spa in like-new condition. Leisure Time Filter Clean is an effective filter cleaner that removes any grease, oil, dirt, and scale buildup to restore it to optimal efficiency.  It is compatible with chlorine and bromine. Leisure Time Free Spa Test Strips - 50 Count Bottle
Swimtown Pools carries the full line of Leisure Time spa chemicals. For more than a quarter of a decade Leisure time has put out some of the highest quality products on the market. If you need a vote of confidence, Leisure Time is what Swimtown’s owner uses in his own hot tub!

Rest assured, we carry everything in the Leisure Time product catalog to make sure your spa water stays clean and clear.

Calcium boost
Filter cleaner
Foam down
Leak Seal
Sodium Bromide
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One reason so many customers come back to Leisure Time spa products is how well they work for people with sensitive skin. Leisure Time is free of harsh chemicals and designed to be gentle on sensitive skin. So if you suffer from skin irritation every time you hop in your hot tub, Leisure Time may be your solution. Taking things a step further, Leisure Time also has chlorine and bromine-free alternatives that use natural enzymes to keep your water clear and clean and completely free of harsh irritants.

So if you’ve been wondering if Leisure Time chemicals are right for you, we’ve got what you’re looking for at the right price.