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Maintenance of Accessible Pool Lift Features

Routine lift maintenance and cleaning are an *Maintenance of Accessible Features
important part of ensuring accessibility. Regular The maintenance of accessible features
service helps prolong the life of your pool lift, supports provision of ADA states that “a public
daily operation and helps satisfy the ADA’s accommodation shall maintain in operable
Maintenance of Accessible Features* provision. working condition those features of
facilities and equipment that are required
Electronic Lift Maintenance to be readily accessible to and usable by
Electronic pool lifts are mechanical in nature and contain persons with disabilities.”
a motor & gears. Much like an automobile there
is a basic level of maintenance required to ensure
proper operation. By instituting the following
maintenance practices you can ensure optimal
lift performance.

Activity Daily Weekly Monthly
Check/Charge battery •
Test for normal operation •
Inspect lift for damage •
Clean lift and seat, rinse with fresh water •
Wipe down (dry) lift after cleaning •
Cover/Store after use •
Spray/Lubricate all gears •
Inspect all cable connections •
Inspect frame, mast, arms, seat •
Inspect counter weight stack (portable lifts only) •
Clean battery connections with nylon scouring pad •
Clean metallic surfaces with cleaner wax •