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Swimtown Pools carries a wide selection of pool Solar Covers, Pool Safety Covers, Pool Winter Covers and Pool Leaf Nets, all available in a variety of sizes for above ground and in ground pools. Find the right fit to keep your pool in great shape this in both Summer and Winter. Keep your pool spotless and algae free all winter long with a winter pool cover. If you can't find an in ground or above ground pool cover that meets your needs, be sure to contact Swimtown Pools' friendly staff who will be more than happy to answer your questions. Just give them a call at 1-866-752-7665 or contact us at

Which swimming pool cover is right for your pool? In-ground solar pool covers or solar pool blankets are a pool accessory that can help you reduce the cost of heating your pool. While most pool covers help to reduce the amount of heat lost from your pool water, solar pool covers are also especially effective for preventing water evaporation and heat loss Using a winter pool cover is one of the most important ways you can protect your pool from the harshness of winter. Winter pool covers are designed differently from regular covers. They are thicker so they stand up to more debris and unfavorable weather. If you live in climates where winter weather is especially brutal, you need to choose a winter pool cover that is resistant to tears and rips. Swimming pool safety covers not only prevent leaves & debris from getting into your pool water while your pool is closed, they are also designed to prevent accidental submersion, providing an extra level of protection for your family, neighbors, pets and area wildlife. Pool safety covers are ideal for inground pools and decked above-ground pools.