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E-300 Series Pool Lift with Anchor - Swimtown Pools Exclusive Legend Series L-325 Pool Lift with Anchor Scout Pool Lift with Anchor Ranger Pool Lift With Anchor F-409RPL-AT1
You save $201.00!
You save $1,264.00!
You save $200.00!
You save $200.00!
Global Lift Corp E-300 Series Pool Lift ADA Compliant Pool Lift L-325 Global Lift Corp Legend Series Lift with 4 point anchor Aqua Creek Scout™  ADA Compliant Pool Lift Aqua Creek Ranger™ ADA Compliant Pool Lift, with anchor F-409RPL-AT1
Pro Pool Lift AT1 - With Anchor Superior Series Pool Lift SXR with Anchor Commercial Series Lift with Anchor - C-375 Portable Capable Rotational Series Lift R-375 with Anchor
You save $200.00!
You save $200.00!
You save $200.00!
You save $200.00!
Pro Pool Lift AT1 - With Anchor ADA Compliant Pool Lift S-350 SXR Global Lift Corp Superior Series Extended Reach Pool Lift with Anchor ADA Compliant Pool Lift C-375 Global Lift Corporation Commercial Series Lift with Anchor Portable Capable ADA Compliant Global Lift Corp Rotational Series Lift R-375 New Design July 2013
Pool Lifts & Parts!

Do you have an ADA Pool Lift for your commercial pool or spa? If not, now is the time to comply with the law. Swimtown Pools has years of experience selling, installing and servicing Pool Lifts from Global Lift Corp, Aqua Creek Products, SR Smith and Spectrum.
Don't get in legal hot water! Avoid a lawsuit and purchase a Pool Lift from Swimtown Pools. We have extremely competitive pricing on all brands.

Global Lift Corp - Retrofit Pool Lift

The Retrofit Pool Lift by Global Lift Corp fits into many standard competitor pool lift anchor systems. Instead of having to redo the pool deck anchoring for the new deck, just follow the instructions to pop the new retrofit pool lift system in place. Replaces many top models and is ADA compliant and easy to install!

Read more for details and to purchase L325 Retrofit Pool Lift.

Pool Lift Replacement Parts

We have replacement parts for the most common pool lifts. Check out the part breakdown for your pool lift to get the right replacement. We take pride in the amount of pool lift parts we carry, and can help you determine if some new parts will help revive an older ADA compliant pool lift, or if a replacement option is needed instead.

Batteries & Accessories

Need additional batteries or a cover for your pool lift? Batteries typically have a one year warranty and like many batteries, lose charge and need replacement every few years. Pool Lift covers are great to protect from weather elements and unauthorized children climbing and wrecking the lift. It is important to have your lift ready for use, for those that need it.

E-300 Pool Lift - ON Sale (ADA Compliant)

E-300 Pool Lift