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Keeping your swimming pool clean doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you use the Clearview pool vacuum cleaner. The Clearview vacuum head features a unique triangular design as well as angled brushes and a protective vinyl bumper, all of which allow the Clearview vacuum to maneuver easily into corners and to remove dirt and debris from even the hardest to reach places.

This all purpose pool vacuum head attachment sweeps pool bottoms and corners efficiently. Economical vac head delivers superior cleaning for your swimming pool.The Clearview pool vacuum will allow you to spend less time on pool maintenance while still enjoying a beautifully clean pool.

The Clearview vacuum head effectively picks up dirt and other debris and its hose swivel connection allows for easy, free movement and prevents twisting and tangling. The Clearview pool vacuum cleaner is ideal for use on both vinyl and fiberglass swimming pools and provides superior cleaning power.


  • Cleverly designed angled brushes remove debris from hard to reach corner areas!
  • May be used with most telescoping poles.
  • Can be used on vinyl and fiberglass pool surfaces.
  • The Clearview pool vacuum is an all-purpose vacuum head attachment.
  • Swivel vacuum hose attachment allows for easy maneuverability and free movement.
  • Features a weighted see-through design.
  • The Clearview pool vacuum cleaner will allow you to spend less time on pool maintenance and more time swimming and enjoying your pool.
  • Efficient and effective operation.
  • Convenient yet superior cleaning.
  • Economically and competitively priced for remarkable value!
  • Swivel attachment fits 1-1/4 or 1-1/2 in. vac hose.

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