Natural Chemistry 7404 Salt Water Magic Monthly Maintenance Kit


The Monthly Salt Water Magic Kit restores necessary salt/mineral levels required for proper chlorine generator performance. A convenient once per/month pool care program!


Natural Chemistry 7404 Salt Water Magic Monthly Maintenance Kit

BENEFITS OF THE SALT WATER SYSTEM: – Pool Salt – pure quick dissolve swimming pool salt, contains no stain causing water softener additives – Metal Deactivator – chelants and scale inhibitors protect pool surfaces from metal staining and prolong the life of the generator and electrolytic cell – Phosphate Remover – reduces phosphate (algae food source) levels. Normal sanitizer levels will prevent algae growth, guaranteed.

NEAR ZERO PHOSPHATE LEVELS INCREASE EFFICIENCY OF THE GENERATOR! – Pool Water Conditioner – protects pool water against sunlight UV loss – Stabilizer – provides stable water balance, protects pool equipment, enhances swimmer comfort – Natural Enzymes – reduce organic build-up in water, on pool surfaces, filter and generator cells -minimizing maintenance and scrubbing…SOFT, SILKY WATER!

Salt Water Magic products contain revolutionary technology, specifically engineered for pools using chlorine generators. This easy to use multi-mineral system simplifies start-up and allows your generator to work as designed. By providing the perfect pool water environment continually, your generator works less and also more efficiently. The result is longer generator life and the highest water quality possible.

Natural Chemistry takes the guesswork out of pool maintenance. Nothing better, nothing easier – guaranteed.

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