Natural Chemistry 7511 Scale Free 2L


Natural Chemistry 7511 Scale Free 2L – prevents swimming pool scale. Helps pool owners prevent calcium and mineral scale build-up from forming.

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Natural Chemistry 7511 Scale Free 2L

Prevent swimming pool scale with Natural Chemistry’s Scalefree! Natural Chemistry Scale free helps pool owners prevent calcium and mineral scale build-up from forming without using harsh chemicals, resulting in your pool filter and sanitizer becoming much more efficient.

What Scale does to your pool:
Swimming pool scale results from high amounts of calcium and/or silicate deposits.
Scale adheres to walls, floors, plumbing, heat exchangers and chlorine generators, robbing performance, causing damage and creating work.

What Scalefree Stain and Scale prevention does:
Prevents calcium and mineral scale build-up from forming.
Unique formula is phosphate free and contains no harsh acids.
Phosphate and acid free formula
Compatible with all pool surfaces
Compatible with most sanitizing systems
Controls metal staining
2L or 64.6 oz. Natural Chemistry item# 07511

Scalefree optimizes salt generator performance. Scalefree works well at preventing scale from forming on salt generator cells, to help maintain optinum performance of your salt generator. Adding Salt Water Magic Liquid at system start-up and on a monthly basis throughout the season ensures the perfect pool water environment for chlorine generators and provides long term system stability.

Salt Water Magic Liquid removes phosphates and organic contaminants from pool water, increases filter efficiency, reduces odors, waterline build-up, and optimizes chlorine generator performance. Salt Water Magic Liquid contains SMARTZyme technology.

Do not use Scalefree with biguanides.

Technical Specs
Natural Chemistry’s Scalefree Directions for use:
1. Following dosage chart below, add the recommended “Initial Dosage”
of SCALEfree directly to the pool.
2. If water hardness level is above 500ppm (parts per million), double the
recommended dose
3. Brushing is required

Dosage Chart
Pool Size Initial Dosage Monthly Dosage:
10,000 gallons (38,000L) 32oz (946ml) 5oz (148ml)
20,000 gallons (75,700L) 64oz (2L) 10oz (296ml)
Monthly Maintenance

After initial treatment, add SCALEfree monthly according to recommended dosage
chart to maintain scale and stain protection throughout the season.
Note: For new, remodeled or refinished pools, add SCALEfree following initial
dosage instructions.

Add product to pool water during filling to prevent plaster dust
formation, scaling and metal staining.

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