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This Wired Battery works only with the Wired Receiver, part no. 133036-00. It is new on Spectrum ADA pool lifts manufactured late 2014 and beyond.

The new Wired Battery and Receiver units for Spectrum battery powered lifts are an upgrade to the standard battery systems on their ADA lifts. The industry standard for the control systems on the lifts has been to use contacts between the battery and receiver exposed to the environment. This was modeled after the movement controls of the hospital bed and works well there. Spectrum has opted to take things one step further and utilize a connector commonly used in watertight automotive applications. In doing so, they have a product upgrade that promotes system durability and longevity in pool environments.

The new design reflects a complete update to both the battery and receiver units. For these reasons, the system will not be back-compatible with previous battery or receiver models. Customers wishing to take advantage of the upgrade are encouraged to update the entire control system (wired battery and receiver).

For optimal battery performance, we recommend that all battery units, regardless of the version, be placed on the charger daily when the pool facility is not in use to maintain the battery charge levels.

Manufacturer Part #: 143007

• It contains two 12VDC, 5AH AGM batteries and conveniently attaches to the receiver box through a wired connection to operate a 24VDC actuator remotely
• Works with receiver unit 133036 (not compatible with receiver 54495)
• Utilizes a connector commonly used in watertight automotive applications
• Has a rectangular ON/OFF switch on the front that should be set to off when the system is not in use to prolong the life of the battery pack
• 15 amp accessible fuse on the front of the unit protects against shorts or low battery conditions
• Charge battery daily when the lift is not in use

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