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Weekly Chemical Regiment

Start Up:
Test your waters chemistry
8 oz. of metal remover. - i.e. (Metal Gone
Add Sanitizer to your water, Bromine or Chlorine.
Use one or the other. NEVER BOTH!
(this will have to be adjusted up and down until testing is satisfied)

Day 1:
2 oz. of Clarifier  - i.e. (Bright & Clear)
2 oz. of Shock Treatment - i.e. (Renew)

Day 2:
1. Turn Spa off.
2. Remove your filter and cleanse with a filter cleaner and/or hot water.
3. Re-Install your filter
(this only needs to be done at initial start up and periodically as spa is used).

NOTE: When adding chemicals. Remove spa cover completely from spa for at least 20 minutes, to prevent chemical damage. 

Day 4:
2 oz. of Anti Scaling Agent - i.e. (Spa Defender)
1 oz. of Organic Remover - i.e. (Enzyme)