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Many people particularly enjoy using their outdoor spa or hot tub during the cold winter months. While the wintertime can be the most enjoyable time to use an outdoor spa, if you live in an area of freezing conditions, there are some things you should do to ensure the proper operation and maximum energy efficiency of your spa.

Keeping it hot:
Remember...the colder it is outside, the longer it will take for your spa or hot tub to heat up. Spas will need to run longer during the winter to maintain the same temperature as in the warmer months. When temperatures are freezing it is important to check your tub daily to make sure it is operational and keeping the water heating to the correct temperature. We do not recommend lowering the temperature in between uses, rather it is best to leave it set at one temperature which is whatever you are comfortable with The most important thing for reducing the energy requirements of your spa in wintertime is a good insulating cover. A waterlogged or deteriorated cover will cost you a lot of money in lost energy, as it has no doubt lost most of its insulating properties. Being heavy, it may also be difficult to remove, may leak rain water or snow melt into the spa, and may even collapse.

Watch the water level:

Keep an eye on your spas water level, especially if you do not use your spa every day! If your spa should lose enough water so that the pump shuts down, the water will not circulate, the heater will not run, and your spa could freeze If you ever lose electrical power where you live, have a contingency plan in place. If the loss is for a short duration, then your risk of freezing is low. Keep the cover on tight until power is restored.